Some days…

Some days, when the words are flowing like water over softly rounded rocks I feel like I could hike mountains. Some days, when getting out of bed seems an insurmountable task even looking at mountains hurts. Most days I fall in between those two juxtaposed feelings and I simply let it all fall where it will. Lately though, well, lately I’m more determined to have more mountain hike days than mountain hurt, especially where my writing is concerned.

Over the last month I’ve written a few scenes. I’m not sure that I’ve written any two that belong to one story but I’m okay with that because I’m writing again. It’s funny how all the stress you put on yourself can make you feel as hopeless and untethered as a renegade balloon, so I’ve taken the stress off and I’m writing what pops into my head. I’m hopeful that once our home office is complete and put together I’ll be able to organize my research and scenes and inspirational pictures into something that resembles the beginnings of one of the five stories I’ve got simmering. Even if it doesn’t, I won’t quit writing.

I guess what I’m trying to say is that after giving up on writing and letting the monster that is WRITER’S BLOCK take over for more than two years I’m finally saying ENOUGH! I can do this, I love to do this, and I’m getting on this horse and riding it into the proverbial sunset.

Wish me luck!


Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado, USA
Once of the prettiest places on earth and right in my home state.



New Year…

Ooooookay, it’s been a while. A really long while. *head desk…repeatedly*

The affliction we writer’s know as BLOCK has had it’s steely grip on my brain, and apparently my muse for the last three years. I’ve written very little in that time. I believe I’ve written one fan fiction oneshot (you can find it on my other blog, Ladyeire’s Shamrock and Thistle under the name These Arms of Mine. It was a piece written for a friend who has since passed. It’s a TwiFic with canon pairings but AU. Feel free to read it or even just head over to that blog for a sampling of my other fanfiction stories. Other than that I’ve only dabbled occasionally with a few ideas I have for novels.

I’m hoping to have at least one novel done by summer’s end this year and another good start on a series I’ve decided to revamp. I’ve also made this blog a priority even if just for my own uses. In doing this I hope to reaffirm to myself that I am indeed a writer with many stories to tell. Getting over this writing hump has been hard fought but I’m feeling more ready than ever at this point.

*Crosses fingers*

Wish me luck, my friends!


Just a little inspiration…

Finding myself a bit bored earlier, I decided to play around with the Pixelmator app on my lap top.  I took one of my very favorite sketches by Leonardo di Vinci and added some tried but true words.  Definitely not rocket science or truly difficult in any way but it did fill the void while friends were MIA and kids were playing.

After playing around for a bit I realized the beauty of the sketch was prompting a little plot bunny to form in my head.  I’m writing up notes as we speak.

What inspires you and what do you do with that inspiration?

Things that make me smile…

So sorry I haven’t updated sooner. With the new year always comes hectic schedules and too little daylight to accomplish all you need to. In my case, I’ve been trying to pound out a few thousand words every day on my book. It’s not so easy when you have kids home half the day but I get it done.

So, as a way to distract myself when I’m feeling a bit overwhelmed I get on Google and pic dive, looking for things that make me smile.

Here are a few….

I probably started watching this when I was a bit young but it helped me develope a well rounded funny bone:)

By far one of my absolute favorite comedies. It's just funny and Ryan Reynolds is pretty nice too;)

I live in Denver so this is an awesome sight when we get rain in the spring. Nothing like a rainbow over the Rockies!

It never ceases to amaze me that something so strong and fierce can still look so darn cute.

Suffering from the holiday blues…

And I KNOW I can’t be the only one with this affliction. The holidays are closing and I already miss the happy vibes. I’m in desperate need of happy, pretty thoughts and pictures. I have a book to finish writing, afterall. So, I’ll start us off with a pretty winter picture and if you feel so inclined feel free to send me some of your own. Links, pics, just some pretty words written to lift a sad mood…anything really!

Hope all of your holiday celebrations and wishes came true. 2012 promises to be a good year!

I want to be curled up in front of a fire in one of those cabins. The snow looks so very perfect...and cold....brrrrrrr:)

Merry early Christmas…ebook Winners!

I promised to let you all know who won the two A Banshee’s Tale ebooks I offered for leaving your favorite holiday tradition or memory. I chose the winners via so it was completely out of my hands.

The winners are…Amanda and Carolyn.

I will need to know your preferred ebook format and then I will have TWCS email you the appropriate book.

Thank you all for joining the TWCS Blog Hop and visiting my blog. I’m hoping to have a few more contests in the near future with offers of ebooks and other ABT merchandise.

Happy Holidays, everyone!!!!!!

Me + wrapping gifts = See above:)

Let it snoooooooow…

Ahhhhhhh, there’s nothing like a good, old fashioned blizzard to put you in the holiday mood.  Currently my slice of the world is receiving a nice little snow storm that makes me happy to sit in my cozy living room in front of the fire sipping some hot tea or spiked hot chocolate while my husband grunts and works his muscles as he shovels our drive.  He’s a good man….and strong.  Perhaps I’ll make him a nice spiked hot chocolate when he comes in;)

Here’s hoping, wherever you are, you’re warm, safe, and happy.  Enjoy your Thursday!

Hail the conquering hero! We've received about a foot of snow in our area but averages are 8 to 10 inches.

This was about two hours ago. We've gotten another half inch or more since then.:)

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