Some days…

Some days, when the words are flowing like water over softly rounded rocks I feel like I could hike mountains. Some days, when getting out of bed seems an insurmountable task even looking at mountains hurts. Most days I fall in between those two juxtaposed feelings and I simply let it all fall where it will. Lately though, well, lately I’m more determined to have more mountain hike days than mountain hurt, especially where my writing is concerned.

Over the last month I’ve written a few scenes. I’m not sure that I’ve written any two that belong to one story but I’m okay with that because I’m writing again. It’s funny how all the stress you put on yourself can make you feel as hopeless and untethered as a renegade balloon, so I’ve taken the stress off and I’m writing what pops into my head. I’m hopeful that once our home office is complete and put together I’ll be able to organize my research and scenes and inspirational pictures into something that resembles the beginnings of one of the five stories I’ve got simmering. Even if it doesn’t, I won’t quit writing.

I guess what I’m trying to say is that after giving up on writing and letting the monster that is WRITER’S BLOCK take over for more than two years I’m finally saying ENOUGH! I can do this, I love to do this, and I’m getting on this horse and riding it into the proverbial sunset.

Wish me luck!


Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado, USA
Once of the prettiest places on earth and right in my home state.