Just a little inspiration…

Finding myself a bit bored earlier, I decided to play around with the Pixelmator app on my lap top.  I took one of my very favorite sketches by Leonardo di Vinci and added some tried but true words.  Definitely not rocket science or truly difficult in any way but it did fill the void while friends were MIA and kids were playing.

After playing around for a bit I realized the beauty of the sketch was prompting a little plot bunny to form in my head.  I’m writing up notes as we speak.

What inspires you and what do you do with that inspiration?


Suffering from the holiday blues…

And I KNOW I can’t be the only one with this affliction. The holidays are closing and I already miss the happy vibes. I’m in desperate need of happy, pretty thoughts and pictures. I have a book to finish writing, afterall. So, I’ll start us off with a pretty winter picture and if you feel so inclined feel free to send me some of your own. Links, pics, just some pretty words written to lift a sad mood…anything really!

Hope all of your holiday celebrations and wishes came true. 2012 promises to be a good year!

I want to be curled up in front of a fire in one of those cabins. The snow looks so very perfect...and cold....brrrrrrr:)

No rest for little ‘ol me…

Remember how I was hoping that I might get a nap in today after a marathon of soccer games? Yeah…didn’t happen. As a matter of fact, I still haven’t eaten dinner, though I did break for a beer.

Let’s recap, just because I’m in the mood to whine…got up at 8 am, showered, dressed myself, and two children…then we left the house at 9:45, with snacks, chairs, and camera bag in tow…came home for lunch at 11:30 but I didn’t get to eat because I *insert any number of reason & you’ll be on the right track*…left the house at 12:20, not returning again until 5…upon returning home my husband and I moved his office around, and I reorg’d my old desk to turn it into a message center & craft area for the girls, while also moving my desk to husbands office.

*Looks around* You still with me? *Shakes head at woman in the back who has fainted and mutters “Newby”*. Now I’m getting ready to have a little something to eat and then I’m going to collapse into bed and not move until someone pulls me from the downy comfort of my favorite spot.

I should mention that ultimately today was rather nice. We had a great time watching the girls play and I felt like I accomplished a lot. That doesn’t mean, however, that I don’t feel exactly like the picture below:)

Chasing tail…not as fun as it sounds

Today was one of those days when you feel like you’re chasing your tail and all you get for your effort is dizzy. I swear I had every intention of getting down more than just an outline done for book 2 of my Banshee series, AND I was going to organize my husband’s office so that I could utilize it .

Unfortunately, I ended up getting neither done. I did get one of my children to soccer on time, washed some random laundry, and managed to finish the final-final edit of ABT. Of course that was in between blowing my nose til it was red and coughing up phlem.  Yeah, lets add severe cold to that mess of fun stuff going on!

Tomorrow promises to be more of the same tail chasing as we have three soccer games to attend all at different fields around our area. YAY!!!!  *Raises cup of Nyquil and shoots it back.* Here’s to getting in at least a nap tomorrow.

At least he stands the chance of catching his tail...I can't see mine without a mirror:)