Things that make me smile…

So sorry I haven’t updated sooner. With the new year always comes hectic schedules and too little daylight to accomplish all you need to. In my case, I’ve been trying to pound out a few thousand words every day on my book. It’s not so easy when you have kids home half the day but I get it done.

So, as a way to distract myself when I’m feeling a bit overwhelmed I get on Google and pic dive, looking for things that make me smile.

Here are a few….

I probably started watching this when I was a bit young but it helped me develope a well rounded funny bone:)

By far one of my absolute favorite comedies. It's just funny and Ryan Reynolds is pretty nice too;)

I live in Denver so this is an awesome sight when we get rain in the spring. Nothing like a rainbow over the Rockies!

It never ceases to amaze me that something so strong and fierce can still look so darn cute.


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